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Definitions for Multicultural Dialogue

Assimilation or Integration?
Prejudice, Racism, or Race Hatred?

What’s best for what I’m trying to say?

David Wagner

56 pages
ISBN 0-929767-06-3
(Dimensions:9" x 5")

List US$14.00

Definitions for Multicultural Dialogue by David Wagner

from the Introduction:

Hearts and minds too often close when we do not understand words and concepts or understand them from a limited perspective.

from the Text:

  • Prejudice: An adverse judgment, opinion, or feeling formed beforehand without knowledge, thought, reason, or examination of fact. We all hold prejudices. When these judgments, opinions, and feelings are generalized to a group of people we predetermine our relationship to individuals in that group. ...
  • Stereotypes: Beliefs or fixed ideas about... .
  • Group Generalizations: Organized data about groups of people that help us see what is important to understand ... .
  • Colorism: A phenomenon through which status is accorded...
  • Racism (Generic): The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that... .
  • Racism (USA): The control of the institutions that create and maintain cultural norms, values, and practices by one group to enforce... .


David Wagner is an organizational development consultant and diversity trainer with a background in management. He helps managers and supervisors to increase their ability to see more clearly personal, group, and organizational patterns. He has extensive experience with race and culture, gender, and sexual orientation in organizations. David is an accomplished group facilitator and conflict mediator.

David Wagner is a newdynamics Associate and a member of the Elsie Y. Cross Associates network. He was a newdynamics partner for twenty years. He was instrumental in the development of the newdynamics diversity models and of Power Equity Group theory and practice.

His management experience includes: Director of Operations for the medical group practice of the University of Vermont; Executive Director of Planned Parenthood of Vermont; and command at sea in the United States Coast Guard.

Reader Comments about Definitions for Multicultural Dialogue:

"This handbook came to me at exactly the right moment. Our organization has launched a major diversity initiative and the importance of dialogue with clarity has never felt more important. These definitions have already helped me think through multicultural issues that previously had me confused."
Jim LeFevre, Chief Operating Officer
Planned Parenthood Federation of America

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