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A Male/Female Continuum

Paths to Colleagueship

Carol Pierce, David Wagner, & Bill Page

75 pages
2nd edition expanded -
1995, 2004
ISBN 0-929767-02-0
(Dimensions:7" x 9")

List US$18.00

A Male/Female Continuum by Carol Pierce, David Wagner, & Bill Page

Over 31,000 sold

Gender Equity

  • Your job depends on it.
  • Your friendships depend on it.
  • Your intimate relationships depend on it.
  • Your journey through life depends on it.

In this ground-breaking book, renowned specialists in power equity and gender imbalances guide you on your personal journey away from dominance and subordinance to greater equity and empowerment with others.

Highly readable and graphically documented, this book encourages positive change and growth for anyone who wishes to embark on a gender journey.

"The search for gender equity is but part of the larger struggle for recognition, acceptance, and respect for humankind in all its multiplicity." from page 47

Table of Contents

     Chapter 1  Introduction to the Journeys
     Chapter 2   Men and Dominance
     Chapter 3   Women and Subordinance
     Chapter 4   Women in Transition
     Chapter 5   Men in Transition
     Chapter 6   Reflections on the Continuum So Far
     Chapter 7   Colleagueship
     Chapter 8   Looking Ahead on our Journeys

Tri-Color Fold-out Graphic Describing the Journeys for Women and Men Moving to Colleagueship (also available as a full size, teaching wall chart - click here)


Carol Pierce, David Wagner, and Bill Page are innovators in addressing gender issues in organizations. The foundation of their approach is the claiming of creative power through the developmental journeys of women and men and how these journeys intermesh. They work with people who want to make meaningful and lasting change in their organizations.

Carol Pierce, a member of the NTL Institute, has been an organizational development consultant for over 30 years. She is known for her writing in the field of diversity work. She is a developer of widely used educational models and a creator of programs in the areas of gender, race, culture, and sexual orientation. She has worked with a variety of clients in business, industry, human service, health, and educational and religious institutions.

David Wagner is an organizational development consultant and diversity trainer with a background in management. He helps people more intentionally manage change. He has extensive experience with issues of gender, race, culture, and sexual orientation. He expedites the design and attainment of structures appropriate to accomplishing vision, purpose, and goals.

Bill Page has a unique base of experience over 40 years which includes senior level management, extensive consulting in large organizations, and his work as an artist. Whether he is consulting on large organizational performance, valuing diversity, or the creative process, Bill persists in opening new ground.

Reader Comments about A Male/Female Continuum:

"Working towards colleagueship is difficult to visualize on your own... it is brought to life here. It has made a difference in how I feel about myself, how I relate with my spouse and children, and in my relationships at work." - Joe Gaetan, Monsanto Chemical Group, Canada

"One of the most brilliant pieces I've read in a long time."
- Bill Spenla, Dupont

"An exciting and effective tool for helping men and women to understand how their relationships are changing -- and need to change -- today."
- Celia Allison Hahn, The Alban Institute

"The Male/Female Continuum is far and away one of the best teaching tools that I have seen in terms of its ability to help men and women appreciate the gender dynamics that operate between them. As an African-American male, although this model reflects white norms, l find that many people of color can pick this model up and identify themselves in particular places on the continuum as consistent with their experiences and their relationships. I use the continuum internationally as a basis for work in many cultures."
- Ralph E. de Chabert, McKesson Corporation

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