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A Male/Female Continuum
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About New Dynamics Consulting
newdynamics Publications is affiliated with newdynamics Consulting, a leader in the consulting and training field since 1972.

newdynamics is about Preparing Organizations for a New Era in Human Development

We are known for our consulting and training on gender, race, color, ethnic origin, and sexual orientation.

We are the creators of Power Equity Group Theory which sets the stage for valuing all diversity among the members of a group.

“Change Takes Shape in the Mind;
It Takes Root in the Heart.”

We believe diversity work is about authenticity!

It is not:

  • about tolerance,
  • being politically correct,
  • making things look good to please government regulators,
  • fixing “bad” people, or
  • superimposing one group’s agenda on another’s.

It is about learning about ourselves by learning about others.

It is about inclusion and unleashing the energy, creativity, and joy that lies hidden behind self-limiting walls of fear.

Successful diversity initiatives address: organization, group, and individual issues.

Presentations Available!

Would you like a presentation, consulting, or training by the authors and their colleagues?

We work in teams representing the diversity of gender, race, culture, and sexual orientation.

For Consulting and Training, please visit: